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E-Relationship is a relationship connection tool. Its purpose is to deliver YOU - your personal business image - to a prospect community in which you want to become highly recognized, cause favorable attraction and create uniqueness, as compared to the competition. It is intended to help you become a little bit famous in your community.

Your base account allows for the inclusion of up to 3500 names and email addresses. Exceeding 3500 (Invalid and opt-out emails are excluded) names will place your subscription in a commercial category. Commercial accounts are charged an additional $50 per month for every 3500 additional names above your base account.

The new Federal Anti-Spam law (Effective January 1, 2004) requires that you must have implicit permission to send a commercial email to a new prospect that promotes a product or service-for-pay. Though this law does not directly address sending an email that does not sell anything, but rather asks if the recipient would like information, the prudent course of action is to send an introductory email notifying them that you intend to send future mailings about product or services. E-Relationship already has letters drafted to this effect in the General e-Mailer module. If the new prospect clicks the opt-out button, the system automatically deactivates the person from your address book. If they notify you by messaging back to be removed, you must honor their opt-out request within 10 days as indicated in the 2004 Anti-Spam law. Your valid postal mailing address must also be present in all mailings. The system has been programmed to include your postal address with your name. Check your settings to make sure your postal address is correct.